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Hen & Chicks (Green & Red)

Hen & Chicks (Green & Red)

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 Hen & Chicks are a favorite of many, although many do not know what they are called! There are loads of varieties of hens and chicks out there, and they all are pretty similar except some will give some different colors. The hen and chicks plant is also commonly called "houseleeks". The scientific name this plant goes by is Sempervivum tectorumKeep in mind, that colors can change some throughout the year and based upon age, mostly with tones of green and red! These eye-catching succulents can grow inside or outside, but they do like quite a bit of sunshine, so if you are going to grow them inside, they prefer to be in a window or very close to a window. They get the hen and chicks' names mostly because of the rosette shape and habit of the plant that produces babies (more baby hens and chicks). They can handle dry, rocky areas with ease compared to many plants, and they are great with being able to handle poor soil conditions! The mother plant is attached to the babies (chicks) by an underground runner. The chicks can be as small as a penny and the mother can grow to the size of around 4" inches in width on average for each "mother plant" when fully grown. Hen & Chicks make a perfect container-grown plant and can handle cold weather like a champ, and come back next spring like nothing ever happened. If you are going to plant outside in pots, make sure you are at a minimum in zone 4 or above, but preferably in zone 5 since pots are above ground, however, in the ground, they can handle the cold all the way down to zone 3! They do not require much water and once established are pretty simple to take care of, they are fun to watch as they change and make babies! This plant will even overwinter in pots fine, tested in zone 6!

The Green & Red Hen and Chicks plant is a hardy succulent known for its rosette-shaped foliage in varying shades of green and red. It forms dense clumps and is drought-tolerant, making it ideal for rock gardens or container plantings. Low-maintenance and unique in appearance, it adds color and texture to gardens and landscapes.

Name: Hen And Chicks
Other Names: Sempervivum tectorum, Alpine Plant
Grow Zone: 3 to 8
Growth Speed: Moderate
Light Requirements: Sun To Partial Shade
Average Full-Grown Height: 6-12" inches tall
Average Full-Grown Width: 12-18" inches wide
Deciduous (loses Leaves) Or Evergreen (Holds Foliage All Year): Semi-Evergreen/Deciduous depending on your location, it may die back to the roots each year, or it may hold on to above-ground growth through the winter.
Average Lifespan: 3 to 7 years, unless thinned out when pot/growing area becomes to crowded.
Sizing can vary, and the average height of the plant will vary. Plants (such as succulents) like this one spreads wide, and are not known for growing tall in height. So, these are not judged on how tall they are when shipped, instead, they are judged mostly upon the size of the pot they are growing in, which gives you larger roots depending on the size of plant you choose that we have available. The bigger the pot means, the larger the plant will be right from the start.


All of our trees ship Bareroot which means they will ship with no soil and no pot. This allows the plants to have a safer trip through the mail as well as to cut down on shipping costs majorly. The roots will be carefully removed from the pot they are growing in, and then wrapped in moist material with the roots sealed up to keep them moist during transit. 

Shipping Restrictions

To follow your state regulations, we can not ship this plant to California, AZ, AK, HI

Deliveries to WA, UT, ID, NV, MT, ND, and SD MUST be shipped Bareroot.

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What Grow Zone Are You In? It Is Very Important To Know Your Grow Zone Before You Plant Anything In The Ground. If The Plant Cannot Tolerate Your Grow Zone, It Will Not Live.

Customer Reviews

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These are aweskme

Hardy to grow and easy to grow. Happy with ours

Mattie Oscaraz

Have loved hen and chicks plant since I was a little girl! Happy I found a nursery that still offers them. I’m hard on plants sometimes, but hen and chicks plants are very hard to kill once they establish. We recently moved so having to buy more again. Thanks!!

Thank you very much! We appreciate your repeat business! Happy it is doing well for you.