The 20 Most Popular Hostas: A Stunning Selection of Perennials

Hostas are renowned for their beauty and versatility in garden landscapes. With a wide range of varieties available, it can be challenging to choose the perfect hostas for your garden. In this article, we present a carefully curated list of the 20 most popular hostas, known for their attractive foliage, colors, and overall appeal. Whether you prefer large or small hostas, blue or green leaves, or variegated or solid colors, this selection offers a diverse range of options to enhance your outdoor space.

1. 'Empress Wu' (Hosta 'Empress Wu')

2. 'Blue Mouse Ears' (Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears')

3. 'June' (Hosta 'June')

4. 'Sagae' (Hosta 'Sagae')

5. 'Liberty' (Hosta 'Liberty')

6. 'First Frost' (Hosta 'First Frost')

7. 'Sum & Substance' (Hosta 'Sum & Substance')

8. 'Montana Aureomarginata' (Hosta 'Montana Aureomarginata')

9. 'Blue Angel' (Hosta 'Blue Angel')

10. 'Orange Marmalade' (Hosta 'Orange Marmalade')

11. 'Coast to Coast' (Hosta 'Coast to Coast')

12. 'Minute Man' (Hosta 'Minute Man')

13. 'Autumn Frost' (Hosta 'Autumn Frost')

14. 'Island Breeze' (Hosta 'Island Breeze')

15. 'Mini Skirt' (Hosta 'Mini Skirt')

16. 'Guacamole' (Hosta 'Guacamole')

17. 'Patriot' (Hosta 'Patriot')

18. 'Halcyon' (Hosta 'Halcyon')

19. 'Golden Tiara' (Hosta 'Golden Tiara')

20. 'Stained Glass' (Hosta 'Stained Glass')


This selection of the 20 most popular hostas encompasses a diverse range of sizes, colors, and leaf patterns, making it easier for garden enthusiasts to find the perfect fit for their landscapes. From the grandeur of 'Empress Wu' to the delicate charm of 'Blue Mouse Ears' and the captivating hues of 'Stained Glass,' each hosta on this list brings its unique character and beauty to any garden. Consider incorporating these popular hostas into your outdoor space to enjoy their stunning foliage and elevate the visual appeal of your garden.

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