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This listing is for FRESH Walnuts! We remove the hull from these and clean them the best we can under high pressure water sprayers. These nuts are 100% freshly picked up and mailed to you! You can choose to dry these out to eat, cook with them, sugar them, or even prepare them to plant your own walnut trees! The choice is yours! You see many folks selling walnuts, however they are typically a year old and rarely fresh like our nuts right from our acreage trees on our farm. We will get you the freshest walnuts possible! We also try to get them dried out for a few days to send them to you because when they are fresh/wet. The hull is like a stain and it will stain clothes and skin. So when you wash these walnuts, make sure to wear gloves and old clothes. We DO NOT use any insecticides on our walnuts or walnut trees, so these nuts are fresh from the wild!! We do clean them once prior to mailing them. 

You can decide how many nuts you would like to purchase from us, many places that offer nuts sell them per pound but you never really know how many nuts you are going to get. From the very start we have always sold the nuts we offer per count of nuts. 

If it is not currently but season, we sometimes have nuts leftover from the previous season that we have kept in sealed air tight bags frozen from the day of harvest to keep them fresh for you. 

If you are looking for delicious black walnuts.  You are in the right place! We mail them right to your door! 

  • great for animal snacks
  • great for homemade pies
  • great for eating raw 
  • great for making candies nuts
  • make excellent gifts 
  • so many uses! 

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