Anyone new to purchasing trees/plants from us, we ask that you make sure to read over all of the information on this page, as well as all of the information we have listed throughout our website to help you have the best experience possible. 

Currently all of our trees & other plants are shipped bareroot through the mail. 

What does bareroot mean? A tree that is bareroot means the roots do not have any soil around them during transportation. The trees are very carefully removed from the pots they are growing in, the majority of the dirt is shaken off of the roots, however some small pieces of potting mix may still be on the roots. We then wrap the roots of your plant with a lightweight material that holds moisture well, and we get it wet to make sure the roots stay moist over the few days they spend in the mail. That is then wrapped in plastic and tied closed to make sure the moisture stays in the bag, around the roots to keep the tree alive and happy during its trip to your home. 

I heard bareroot trees are harder to grow that potted trees, is that true? We would have to strongly disagree. Trees that are sold in pots often have gotten so used to that pot they are in and have sometimes even gotten root bound. When you buy a tree in a pot you are paying extra for potting soil that 99% of the time you do not need. Typically potted trees take longer to become established than bareroot trees as well. Many are new to trees or do not work with hundreds of them daily and they can be removed from pots incorrectly, roots incorrectly pruned and much more than ends up making the tree suffer and you can end up with a dead tree. Let us do that work for you and get you a more affordable try that is ready to go in the ground. 

We ship all of our plants with USPS priority mail currently. We pack the trees to help protect them in the boxes they ride in during transit. We also give you a paper full of good information with every purchase from us that gives you a quick guide full of great tips to help you be successful with your new plants. However we are always willing to help you with any questions you may have. 

During shipping with anything, especially live plants, they can and will get slightly damaged from time to time. They are also used to being in daily sunlight and they are shocked when placed inside a dark box and removed from the soil they have been happily living in. Sometimes leaves will be damaged or broken off, it is more normal for leaves to be a little wilted from a bit of transplant shock and everything they go through while being in the mail. When you get your tree you should immediately open it and get it planted and follow our quick tips guide we provide here on our website to help ensure you have great success. It is recommended that if you choose to pot up your tree instead of planting it, that you do that as soon as possible as well and keep your tree in a slightly shaded area to help get your tree used to being in the sunlight again after spending a few days in a very dark box. We have a success rate of over 99% with our trees we mail out to our happy customers we are very thankful for. We do guarantee that plants we mail to you are indeed alive on arrival. Remember, if you are ordered a tree from us during cool times of the year (here in Missouri that is from October to April) the trees will most likely be dormant and not have any leaves, that doesn’t mean they are dead, that means they are asleep just like mature trees in the ground are you go to sleep when it’s cold and grow new leaves in the spring!
With patience, proper care, and a little bit of your time - you will have a thriving tree you will be proud of in no time!
If your plant arrives damaged, broken, box smashed etc, we ask that you file a claim with USPS on the website and they will refund your purchase from us. Then you are more than welcome to reorder from us again and we would be happy to offer you some kind of discount just to help make it up to you even though most of the time it is not something we could of prevented as we package our plants very well - but as our customers, we care about you very much and hope you choose us long term! All plants from us come with insurance since they are shipped with priority mail which includes insurance.