What If I Have A Problem With My Order?  

IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEM with your plant upon getting it in the mail, please let us know ASAP, once it has arrived and is in good shape, it will be your full responsibility to take care of your new live plant. Of course we are always willing to help answer your questions and give you tips. Due to our tree prices already being very affordable and being small and family ran, we cannot offer unlimited replacements like big box stores. Over 99% of our plants we mail out arrive safe and grow well for our customers. We hope to have the opportunity to help you with whatever plant you are looking for.

How Tall Will My Plant Be?

Each plant/tree is unique in its own size depending on how many we have left in stock and which species you are looking for. Our plants typically range in age from 1 to 3 years old. The description of each plant we offer has an estimated range of shipping height from the root ball to the top of the plant. Keep in mind we always will ship the tallest ones we have to you first, but the less we have on hand they might be a little on the shorter side of the estimate. We focus more on root growth than height. All of our plants typically have outstanding root systems, which is most important for long term health and growth of the plant! 

Will I Get The Plant In The Picture? 

The pictures in this listing are not exact images of what your tree will look like, they depict images of full-grown trees in some pictures and in other pictures examples of similar size your tree will be, your tree will be in the size pot that is listed and the height of the tree at shipping can vary based upon the specific species, please look above in the description to see approx tree/plant height. We do not focus much on height as some do, instead, we are more focused as very strong root systems which is the most important part of your tree/plant. 

How Should I Plant It?

Each tree and plant will have its own different specific needs, but something that will cover most all plants and trees is you should dig a hole twice as wide and twice as deep as the root system as the tree and make sure to break up the dirt very well. This will allow the tree to easily grow new roots to establish itself much quicker. There is a simple saying when it comes to how deep the tree should be planted into the ground --- Plant it low - it won't grow, plant it high - it won't die. That statement is almost always true. The way you should do this is to find the highest root on the root ball near the trunk portion of your tree. That very top root should BARELY be under the soil. When you plant a tree too deep not only can this cause the bottom of the tree to rot, but believe it or not your tree can drown because the roots need to be able to take in oxygen and if the tree is planted too low and sits in water, the roots cant breathe and thus your tree will die.