Willow Oak Fall Colors

Oaks seem to often be overlooked when it comes to thinking about beautiful fall colors, but let me tell you first hand, and even show a picture of one of our nursery stock trees we offer for sale. Look at these beautiful orange/red colors on this Willow oak! 
Willow oak in fall red colorThis specific picture is of one of our Willow oak trees in a trade Fallon pot. They average 12” to 24” in height. We sell them right from our family farm, mailed right to your door step. We do guarantee them to arrive alive and healthy. 

Since we aren’t a large nursery, and are a first generation nursery owner, we take our customers
and our nursery stock such as these Willow oaks very seriously. We try to have the most affordable prices possible and supply you with beautiful, healthy trees and other plants. You can purchase a Willow oak tree from us today here on our website! Visit our online store page and have your very own Willow oak delivered right to your door. We hope to have the chance to serve you. If you have any questions just reach out to us anytime! 
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