Pin Oak Tree

Pin Oak Tree

No matter who you are, or where you live - chances are pretty high, that you have probably seen a pin oak tree at some point in your life if you live here in the United States. Since they grow in zones 4 to 8 which is a large portion of the U.S.
Pin oak tree

The Pin Oak tree is one of my personal favorite trees, for quite a few reasons. I have many pin oaks on our small family farm, ones that are 1 to 3 years old that we sell, and then some that have been growing on our land that are 40’ to 50’ tall. 

Pin Oak trees are just very attractive in my opinion, I think mostly due to the way they grow and the shape they grow in, somewhat of a cone shape. The leaves are really dark green during the year and they turn beautiful reds and oranges in the fall. 
Pin oak tree for sale
See those colors in the image above! Beautiful! 

You typically can’t ever go wrong when choosing a tree in the oak family. Oak trees are strong trees and very long lived in general. The pin oak is somewhat shorter lived than some of its family members, and it isn’t quite a strong - but it is still pretty strong compared to many trees and it is a quick grower! One of the fastest growing oak trees to be exact! 
Pin oak tree in the fall

So, if you are looking for a pin oak tree to add to your landscape, you would be making an excellent choice getting a tree that is native here in the states. 

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