Nut Trees For Sale

Are you driving yourself nuts looking for a nut tree? (Pun intended 😀)
Look no further, we can fix that problem for you! Our small business started for the love that we have for trees that are native here to the United States. As you probably know many nut trees are native here. Some of the popular ones are Pecan trees, hickory trees, & black walnut trees. All of those nuts are highly popular and constantly being sold as there is a high demand for nuts. 

Visit our online selection of tree we ship to your door here on our website! 
Pecan nuts

Don’t those pecans look delicious? We typically always have a nice selection of native nut trees available for sale that we ship all over the United States. You should do some research to see if the nut tree you are wanting is allowed to be shipped to your state, some states have very strict guidelines. For example we do not ship any trees or plants to California, Arizona, Alaska, & Hawaii. These states are typically seen as “no ship” states for nursery’s all over the country. It is important to know this because not only can you get in trouble with fines, your tree can also be confiscated in the mail as it enters your state and your state officials can actually have the tree burned, destroyed and then give you a fine, no body wants that to happen. We do try to always have our listings updated on each plant page to which states that specific plant cannot go, but due to laws that are always changing it’s a good idea for you to find out and do your own research as well. We would love to help you get your hands on one of our awesome nut trees that we grow. 
Black walnuts

So if your looking for hickory nuts, you want a hickory nut tree! It’s normally at ages 8 to 12 years of age before a hickory nut tree begins producing hickory nuts. 
If your looking for black walnuts, you want a black walnut tree! It’s normally at 8 to 10 years of age when a black walnut tree beings producing walnuts. 
Black walnut tree in two gallon pot
If your looking for pecans, you want a pecan tree! It typically takes 8 to 10 years of age for a pecan tree to start producing. 

All of our native trees especially nut trees are grown from seed. Many times we have customers ask us which variety this nut tree or that nut tree is, but there really isn’t any special name as they are all grown from native seed here in Missouri.
CLICK HERE now to see our selection of nut trees that we have available for you to choose from. Our young trees/seedlings are typically 1 to 2 years of age and will vary in size, make sure to see our estimated size in the description on whichever nut tree page you end up visiting. 

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