How Large Of A Nursery Are We?

This article may appeal to some of you, but the majority most likely won’t care much about this information- but I believe in businesses that are totally transparent and are proud of where they came from and where they are going. This is late summer in the year 2020. The beginning of this year of 2020 was the first year we got our state nursery license to be able to legally sell and ship plants! 

We are a small family farm located in Cairo, MO - yeah you probably haven’t heard of it, our town has a few hundred people and we live in the country currently on 4 acres that we are very proud of. We do a few different things here for a living, but are always up to something new. In this day and age it’s hard to do just one thing and be able to pay the bills and move forward in life, buy diapers, Christmas presents, mortgage payment, insurance etc etc etc - if you’re human, you understand! ☺️

Years ago when we first got our home here on our four acres, there was nearly no trees in much of the open area on our land for shade! The landscaping around our home was also a mess! So, by wanting to do research in which trees should go where and why, as well as other landscaping plants - I fell in love with plants, but mainly trees! How they work, the different kinds of trees, how they grow, evergreen vs deciduous and so on. With reading who knows how many hundreds of hours and becoming very interested, without really having any other prior horticulture background, I became more and more interested in the works of trees! 

Starting this year of 2020 out very well, we were & still are very proud! I love working with my trees and selling them at the most affordable prices that I can to many awesome customers all across the nation. From here on out, we continue to work on learning more, improving our set up, improving our shipping, gaining more knowledge with plants and slowly increasing the kinds of trees and plants we have to offer over time. Owning a small nursery is a long way away from being a get rich business, but it’s something we enjoy and it helps Supplement our families income to continue to grow and learn while helping others. If you have purchased from us before, thank you for your business, we appreciate you! If you have not ever purchased from us, that is fine, we hope we can help you in the future! Reach out to us if you have any questions. We would love to help you get an affordable tree or plant that will work best for you in your yard, for your family! I am adding a picture to this blog post of what our small set up looks like as of late summer of our first official licensed year. We have changed many times over this first years and have learned so much. As you can see we don’t have a fancy set up or 50,000 trees. We are proud of where we have started and look forward to the future! 

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