Baby Peach Growing On One Of Our Peach Trees!

Check out this little beautiful, healthy peach growing on one of our peach trees. No harsh chemicals are used on our peach trees or any of our fruit trees in our orchard. We use organic and natural products. Though we typically do not have peach trees or typical fruit trees offered for sale, we do typically offer other kinds of food plants from pawpaw trees, elderberry, honeyberry, raspberries, blackberries, & more! Don’t forget to check out what we have to offer right here on our website, we ship right to your door! Enjoy this picture of this cute little peach. This small peach fruit is growing on a peach tree that is only about 4ft tall! This little peach is doing good and cannot wait to see how it tastes, nothing better than farm fresh food! 
Little peach on peach tree



Baby peach growing on peach tree


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