What Does A Hosta Look Like?

What does a hosta look like? Also known as a Plantain Lily. That can be a very broad question, that can get many different answers. There are hundreds, if not - thousands of different varieties of hostas out there today, some look the same, but many look different or have different characteristics. In general, a hosta can be identified by the shape and form of how they are growing, the location of where they are growing (many love the shade) and the large leaves that they grow. We are going to post some pictures of some hostas here for you to enjoy that show you just a few hostas in the world of hostas! Don’t forget to check out the kinds of hostas that we raise and offer! We ship them right to your door, from our family to yours! 

There are big hostas and little hostas. Fast growing hostas and slow growing hostas, hostas with massive leaves and hostas that have skinny leaves, hostas with variegated leaves and some with solid color leaves. Some that stand upright, and some that lay down and cover the ground. There are so many to choose from, they are all awesome! A hosta is a must have in your landscape - you must have at least one hosta, you just have to! 😀
For the most part, hostas thrive in full shade, to mostly shade. There may be some hosta that can survive in the sun, but that isn’t typical for most hostas. Hostas do well under trees in shade where most other plants won’t grow. The large leaves they grow cover the ground as they get older and make it hard for annoying weeds to grow under them due to the hosta leaves fully blocking the light to the ground, which the weeds need to germinate and grow. 

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Here is a picture of one of our massive Hostas! 😎
Fortunei Hyacinthina Hosta big leaves old school large hosta
Some of our potted hostas emerging in mid spring here in zone 6. 
Mid hosta

Large hosta
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