Learn More About Silver Maple Trees

Learn More About Silver Maple Trees

Silver maple trees have been over planted in some areas and are hated by some, but there are fantastic reasons for planting this tree and we are going to help you see why. We do also typically sell silver maple trees and ship them right to your door. Continue reading to find out more!
Silver maple tree
Why are there some people that hate silver maple trees? What makes a silver maple tree a good tree or a bad tree? Allow us to help you understand all of this, without going into to much depth. 

Silver maples in some areas have been used way to much, similar to another plant you have probably heard of called burning bush. In our area (missouri), it has been planted everywhere, silver maples are very common also. 

Silver maple trees are native to the USA, and more specifically they are native to our state, which is the state of Missouri. The most hate behind silver maples is that they can be weak overall, and they can make messes in your yard. 

The number one place you should never plant a tree, especially a tree like the silver maple, is because if a storm comes along and that tree falls on your house, a big enough tree could destroy your entire house. It can happen and it does happen. Make sure to plant the silver maple tree far enough from your house or other buildings, so when its older, and very large, it won’t become a dangerous and expensive problem. 

Silver maples do grow fast, and I mean they can grow super fast. Up to 7’ in one year has been recorded before! Yes that is 7 feet of growth in one year! It grows like a weed. If you need a tree somewhere quickly, and want something that is easy to take care of and actually can be hard to kill once it’s a few years old and established where it’s been planted, the silver maple tree can do this for you. Again, make sure it’s not to close to any buildings or your home, or anyone else’s home. 

Silver maple trees can also be messy and weak wooded. Dropping a lot of branches pretty easily, especially when a storm comes through with some wind. It can make a mess in your yard, but if that doesn’t bother you, then it’s all good there. That is the main reason it is not liked. Another reason it’s not liked is that when It is older and makes its own seeds, you will have thousands of silver maple trees popping up all over your yard, like weeds! 
if this is an area where you can mow them, or you want lots of trees, then again, this is the tree for you. 

When used right, the silver maple is a great tree to plant. It grows super fast once established. It is very easy to take care of and grow. It will make lots more silver maples pretty fast if you want alot of trees in one area, like reforestation, these will do the trick for you. They also make a great shade tree, and quick too as fast as they grow. The decision is yours. Hopefully you can make a good choice based upon what we have told you.
If you would like to purchase one for a great price and have it shipped right to your door. You can buy one from us right here on our website. We would love to have you as our customer! 
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