How to Protect Your Young Trees from Rabbits and Deer with Fence Wire

Protecting young trees from wildlife is crucial for their survival and growth. Rabbits and deer are known to nibble on the tender bark and foliage of young trees, which can cause permanent damage or even kill them. One effective way to protect young trees from these threats is to use fence wire.

Protect tree with wire

Here's how you can protect young trees using fence wire:

  1. Determine the height of the fence: Measure the height of the tree and add 2-3 feet to determine the height of the fence you'll need.

  2. Choose the type of fence wire: You can use any sturdy wire, such as chicken wire or hardware cloth, to create your fence.

  3. Cut the wire: Cut the wire to the desired height, plus an extra foot for burying in the ground.

  4. Wrap the wire around the tree: Wrap the wire around the tree and overlap the ends, ensuring there are no gaps for wildlife to sneak through.

  5. Secure the fence: Secure the fence by placing metal stakes around the perimeter and attaching the wire to them with zip ties or wire clips.

  6. Bury the fence: Bury the bottom foot of the fence into the ground to prevent rabbits from burrowing under it. You don’t have to bury it but if you want to go the extra mile you can!

By following these steps, you can protect your young trees from rabbits and deer using fence wire. This will give your trees the best chance at survival and growth, ensuring that they can thrive in your landscape for years to come.

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