Gold Mound Spirea Pictures

What does a Gold Mound Spirea look like? Knowing what a Gold Mound Spirea looks like can be very important when it comes to knowing which spirea you want to buy or which spirea you have growing in your landscape. There are many different kinds of Spirea out there, and just having simple descriptions aren’t always good enough, so we want to share a picture with you of what a Gold Mound Spirea looks like! The Spirea “Gold Mound” has lots of lime green and green/yellow colored foliage, as you will see clearly in the picture we are adding here on this page for you to see! We hope this picture helps you know exactly what a Gold Mound Spirea looks like! Don’t forget to check out our wonderful plant selection, we ship plants right to your door! Enjoy! 

Gold mound spirea pictures
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