Full Grown Jane Magnolia Tree

jane magnoliaWe have a grown Jane Magnolia that is around 25 years old growing in our landscape. We keep it primed the size it is, as it is somewhat near our home (it was actually planted by someone that owned our home/land before us. I took some pictures of our magnolia to share below, they are beautiful from start of the blooms in early spring to the full size large flowers that unfold in mid to late spring every year. The flowers do seem to get damaged pretty easily by frost/freeze that happen once buds start to open, but more usually tend to open up so you can cut the damaged ones off. Ours produces loads of flowers, that are a beautiful pink/purple then purple/white color. 
Early spring jane magnolia
jane magnolia flowers
These magnolia are beautiful! But then again, what magnolia isn’t beautiful? Magnolias do tend to be expensive, and take a while to see the first blooms after you plant one, but they are so worth the wait! We try to offer magnolias as often as we can, as affordable as we can, from our family to yours! Don’t forget to check out our online store at our awesome plant selection, we are a mail based nursery only, so shipping plants is what we do! God bless y’all 😊
Jane magnolia mid to late spring
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