Build Tree Protection Easily For Deer & Rabbits

Here is the video.  The transcript is below the video. 
Hey everyone this is Daxon here - Weaver Family Farms so right here in the middle of watering this I kind of had the idea to whip out my phone camera and take just a little short video talking about this cage so righthere this is a small apricot tree that was planted last year the problem we had especially when you're like right here by Timber is um rabbits and deer are a big problem now if a deer was a very gun hoe about eating the tree it could probably do something to this however it seems like when rabbits see this cage around thetree they go to something else you know like for example there's Big Trees right there where it doesn't matter and Idon't know what all rabbits do exactly besides I know they chew on the bark at the bottom and they will ruin a tree really quick kill it quick and deer alsohave come through we have some uh almond trees and they like to snack on them too so trees like this this one was not too expensive but we have someothers over there like that one is a jujube tree and it was like a hundred dollars so um definitely uh better off protecting something likethat instead of losing it so again this is just a cage here um now really really tiny rabbit could probably squeeze through that howeverthese are I'm trying to remember like two inch wide squares and then like four tall like I said though most rabbits see this you come out here at an evening andthere's this rabbits Galore over here I mean when they see this cage they just don't really seem to mind to bother it you know they could probably feel it see it bump into it and just like hey I'llgo something else um but this is just some wire and this stands about four foot tall this is sometypical fence wire and you can see it's not really that strong again it's a visual thing it seems like more than anything these are just some bars youcan use some re-rod from Lowe's oranything like that this is just a green um I think they call like a landscaping stick or something like people tie their tomatoes to it and stuff I just have one of them kind of crisscross Through the Wire down through there and then I have this other small one I had those broken off because these are old pieces I'm this is all being reused stuff I didn't buy anything new for this one um that's just a little bent piece Iwent down through there again not themost sturdy thing but it works I just wanted to share my idea here of what you can do to protect young trees um specifically in this case from deer and rabbits this has worked very well for us do the same thing with our grapes here this wire is even better when it comes to rabbits it's a lot more flimsy though but for rabbits you know again visual so anyway that's it for this video thanks for watching see you later bye-bye
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