Pictures Of Apple Tree Flowers Blooming In The Spring

We have a small orchard we put in ourselves, it is always work in progress along with our small nursery, but our orchard and nursery are both side by side next to each other! We have lots of different kinds of food plants, but one that is really blooming this year is some of our apple trees for the first time (besides a couple flowers that didn’t fruit years prior). This is very exciting here in spring 2022 in zone 6a right at the very end of April. Many people have never seen flowers bloom on an apple tree before, I wanted to snap some pictures to share of some blooms on one of our apple trees. Absolutely beautiful pink and white colors with apple tree flowers, and to think these flowers have the potential to turn into food over the next months makes the flowers look even nicer! Enjoy the pictures. 
Apple tree flowering blooming
Apple tree flowers blooming

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